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HP Master Lists

A resource for the Harry Potter fandom

HP Masterlists
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Master Lists of Harry Potter fandom fests, challenges, exchanges, etc.

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The purpose of this community is to be a searchable resource for finding Master Lists to fests, challenges, exchanges, big bangs, etc. in the Harry Potter fandom. Fests, etc. may be hosted on any online platform (LJ, IJ, AO3, etc.). Master Lists posted here should be for fests geared exclusively or mainly toward the Harry Potter fandom. Master Lists for multifandom fests may be posted on our affiliate, bigbangmaster. If you are uncertain whether your event is Pottercentric enough, it probably isn't, please ask a mod before posting.

Posting rules:

- We welcome and encourage everyone to post master lists to the community.

- Check first whether your master list has already been posted. Double posts of the same master list will be deleted.

- Please post only one master list per entry, using the community template.

- Please only link to complete fest master lists, with reveals. Do not link to round-ups or anonymous master lists. We do not accept master lists of individual authors' work.

- Tag your entries accordingly. This community functions best through the use of accurate tags. If you need a tag, please post in the Suggestion Box.

- Please only add character and ship tags for characters who are the specific focus of a fest; for example: character: severus snape, character: hermione granger and ship: hermione/severus for the sshg_exchange, or character: bill weasley for the bill_ficathon. Please do not attempt to add character and ship tags for every single character that incidentally appeared in a fest.

- Also, we have decided not to add a threesome/moresome tag because threesomes are covered by the genre: het, genre: slash, and genre: femme tags.

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